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802 Anketell Road
Anketell, WA 6167
Ph: 0409 502 952
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 9am-1pm
Saturday: Closed
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MMM Farm is a family owned and managed business producing barn and sometimes free range eggs in Western Australia. It was purchased in 1992 by Mick, Marie and Michele hence MMM. Since then we have undertaken a modest expansion and over recent years our management has improved in order to respect the RSPCA program on animal welfare, as well as the Australian Quality Assurance Program. In this website we try to give you some information about us so that you see how we produce our quality eggs. We invite you to visit our own shop to buy some eggs off us. Enjoy the visit...

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Delicatessen-style eggs benedict

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Delicatessen-style eggs benedict

The beauty of this recipe is that everything can be purchased from a good deli.


* 1/2 Turkish bread (Pide)
* 1 tub Babaganoush (smoky eggplant dip) or homus if you prefer
* 4 eggs - very fresh
* 4 lobes of roasted capsicum - warmed in microwave at last minute
* 100 mls yoghurt (plain, unsweetened)
* 2 Tbsp fresh mint
* salt & pepper


Poach eggs in boiling water with a Tbsp White Vinegar.
Split the pide bread and then cut to make 4 squares. Toast them and then assemble as follows:
- generous spreading of babaganoush
- next, the egg
- then the roasted capsicum
- then a dollop or drizzle of yoghurt
- sprinkle of mint
- salt & pepper to taste


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