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802 Anketell Road
Anketell, WA 6167
Ph: 0409 502 952
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri: 9am-1pm
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

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History of MMM FarmHistory of MMM Farm

MMM Farm is a family owned and managed business producing barn and sometimes free range eggs in Western Australia (WA). It was purchased in 1992 by Mick, Marie and Michele hence MMM. Since then we have undertaken a modest expansion and over recent years our management has improved in order to respect the RSPCA program on animal welfare, as well as the Australian Quality Assurance Program. At the beginning, we were producing only cage eggs, but a few years later we managed to transform this system into barn and free range systems.

Free Range Eggs Barn Laid Eggs Hen Rearing

Free Range Eggs

Barn Laid Eggs

Rearing Hens

History of MMM FarmThe Staff

All members of the staff have been trained, or are being trained for their jobs (Egg Collecting/Grading/Packing, Egg Weighing, Rearing of chicks, Cleaning, Floor Eggs, Record Keeping, Door Sales, Livestock Duties), so that the work on the farm is well done, and as productive as possible.

Staff displaying our Eggs Staff at the Farm Egg Shop Max the guard dog

Our Staff Packing Eggs

Our Staff at the Farm Shop

Max the Guard Dog

History of MMM FarmDescription of the Farm

Our lot is at 802 Anketell Road (ANKETELL, 6167 Western Australia), on the corner of Battersby rd. Have a look at the Google map for more details.

The different areas of the farm are: the egg production sheds, the rearing shed, the egg room and the cool room, the shop, the Red Door Room (RDR), the manure storing shed, etc. In the Egg Room, members of the staff grade and pack the eggs. A description of our products can be seen in the "OUR EGGS" part. The Red Door Room (RDR) safely contains all our chemicals and pesticides, as well as a freezer for dead animals. These measures are in accordance with the Codes of Practice, and The National Egg Quality Assurance Program.

Shed for Chicken Manure Storage Red Door Room Shed with laying hens

Manure Storage Shed

Red Door Room

Shed with Laying Hens

History of MMM FarmAnimal Performances and Management

There are more or less 27 000 laying hens at MMM Farm, producing approximately 400 000 dozen eggs per annum. The animal breeds are Hyline Brown, Hisex, and ISA. In 2008, their production performances were relatively good. However we still want to improve this parameter and maintain it at a high level for a long period.

The animals are fed at least 2 times a day, with pellets purchased by poultry farmers' co-op. Water is provided to them daily. Vaccination against the main different diseases is done through the water they drink, according to a vaccination program.

More or less 6000 1-day-old chicks are being reared until the size of 1250 grams, to become the future laying hens. Spent hens (75 weeks old minimum) are sold to a contractor to finish peacefully their days elsewhere.

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