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Quality Assurance ProgramQuality Assurance Program, Animal Welfare & Accreditations

MMM farm has a management which follows the National Egg Quality Assurance Program, as well as the RSPCA guidelines for animal welfare. Our poultry have readily access to food and water. The barn and free range systems allow them to move, stand, turn around, stretch, sit, lie down, and have a visual contact with other members of the species. They are protected from the weather, predators and diseases in the best possible way. The farm manager has a daily checklist that he completes to make sure everything is going well. To supervise the biosecurity of our products, we apply Good Farming Practices, and we have customized an HACCP plan for our farm. MMM Farm is audited and controlled once a year by Egg Corp Assured (ECA) and with random spot audits, according to the Western Australian Legislation and to the following references:

SEPGPD Code of Practice for Shell Egg Production, Grading, Packing and Distribution
WP Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals (Domestic Poultry) 4th Edition
LTP Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals (Land Transport of Poultry)
B Code of Practice for Biosecurity in the Egg Industry
FSC (Food Safety Code) Code of Practice for the Manufacture of Egg Products
ELG Egg Labeling Guide
EG Environmental Guidelines for the Australian Egg Industry

National Heart Foundation Approved, Egg Corp Assured, and RSPCA accreditations can be found on our products:

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